An opposition deputy and the head of a weapons factory were sent to court on Wednesday for the creation of parasite firms running illegal business activities with the Mizil-based plant. The factory, MFA Mizil, reported losses of 6.6 billion ROL as a result of these activities.

Anti-corruption prosecutors charged and factory director Constantin Cazacu for running businesses that were incompatible with his job and for concluding financial transactions by using information he obtained due to his position within the MFA.

For his part, Social-Democratic Party (PSD) deputy Mihail Sireteanu was charged with complicity to Cazacu’s alleged abuses, all related to the perod of 2003-2004.

Sireteanu is also charged with breaching a law that prevented him from acting as a deputy and member of an anti-corruption investigation commission in the House and as a censor for a shadow company.