Romanian software BitDefender has been included in the Top 100 best high-tech products worldwide, published by the US-based test labs of the PC World magazine, a press release of the Softwin company, the producer of the software, says.

The Softwin management announced it would invest some 100 million USD to extend its worldwide presence of BitDefender until 2010 and expects it to cover 2% of the antivirus market worldwide by the end of 2008, with an absorbtion capacity to exceed 120 million USD annually.

Through BitDefender, Romania is also the representative of Europe in the PC World chart, as only two other European software products have been selected - the Opera browser and the Linux platform developed by Ubuntu.

A division of Softwin, BitDefender has subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Britain and the US and local partners in 53 countries on six continents. The company network also holds 100 online distributors.

BitDefender is used by over 41 million clients from 180 countries.