The population of Romania stood at 21.6 million by January 1, 2006, with a slight female advantage of 51.2% compared to 48.8% for males. More than half of the population live in urban areas, with the area of Bucharest-Ilfov reporting a 92.5% urban population, the National Statistics Institute has announced.

Of the 319 towns and cities across the country, over 86% have a population of less than 50,000 (32.5% of all urban population). Cities of over 100,000 dwellers is falling, but covers 56% of the total urban population. And the capital city Bucharest with its 1,930,390 dwellers covers 16.2% of the country’s urban population and 8.9% of the total population of the country.

The largest cities are Bucharest, Constanta (306,200), Iasi (306,000), Timisoara (303,200), Craiova (299,200) and Cluj (297,600).

86.8% of the population are Orthodox, 4.7% are Roman-Catholic, 3.2% are Reformed.