Some 5,000 people packed the Roman Arenas in Bucharest on Monday night for an unprecedented Billy Idol gig that included the Rebels’ most renowned hits. Billy Idol is the latest in a string of music stars that included Romania in their European tours this year, including Depeche Mode, Shakira and 50 Cents.

Billy Idol, accompanied by his famous guitarist Steve Stevens, played many of his hits for the Romanian audience, including White Wedding, Scream and Dancing with Myself. But while he dodged Speed and Craddle of Love, he adapted his The Doors cover LA Woman for the local audience - Bucharest Wooman, and his Hot in the City, which became Hot in Bucharest.

But while Billy Idol was enjoyed by the vivid audience, formed mainly by ageing rockers, the opening act, local band Zob, sanctioned it for the existence of a VIP area and for opting to sit in chairs throughout much of the gig instead of punking down the arena.