The leader of the Conservative Party, junior member of the government, hold a press conference on Thursday in order to present his file put together by the former communist militia, the Securitate, and to prove that he had not been an informer. The file contained documents signed by PC leader Dan Voiculescu signed under the code name Felix.

Voiculescu’s lawyer Sergiu Andon read out and explained every page of the file, in an attempt to demonstrate that Voiculescu was not a Securitate collaborator, on the contrary, that he had misled the militia and managed not to be an informer.

The documents signed by Felix since 1977 are only working notes, documents comprising work reports on the meetings of Voiculescu with international collaborators, Andon said.

The PC leader continued his attacks against one of the members of the institution studying the archives of the Securitate CNSAS, poet and journalist Mircea Dinescu, whom Voiculescu allegedly accused of having been recruited by the Securitate in 1983.