A Romanian consumes less than 2 kilos of coffee per year, ranking among the last in Europe, while in countries like Finland, Germany, and Austria the average coffee consume per citizen is of about 11.94 kilos, 7.4 kilos and 7.6 kilos, respectively, higher than the European average consume of 5 kilos/person.

In the other Eastern European countries, the coffe consumption level remains constant, about 3 kilos/person. Hungarians drink 3.32 kilos/year, the Czech 3.2 kilos, and 3.5 kilos in Slovakia, according to the Romanian Coffee Association (ARC).

In Romania and Bulgaria the coffe price includes the excise, but the harmonization of financial laws with the EU legislation might lead to the drop of the tax. Bulgaria reduced the coffee excises up to 60%, hence discouraging the coffee smuggling industry and increasing the coffee imports.

The excises in Romania are higher than in Bulagria and amount to 680 Euros/tone for green coffee, 1000 Euros/tone for roasted coffee and 4000 Euros/tone for instant coffee.