65% of the Romanians are interested in purchasing new tech gadgets, while 52% justify their choices on the brand, 19% on the cost and 15% on the easy handling of the product, according to a a Synovate survey.

Synovate surveyed 5,500 respondents in Canada, China, France, Hungary, India, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Taiwan and Thailand, asking about their attitudes toward the latest technological devices.

While 65 % of the Romanians are interested in the newest technological gadgets, 87% of Saudis and 60% of India population give importance to the novelty of the gadgets.

As far as the factors that influence the buy are concerned, the Romanians rank 1 the brand, not the price or the utility. Romanians associate the newest technology with Sony (28%), Philips (23%), and Samsung (13%).

France and Canada seem to be more interested in the price and the ease of use of the product. 45% of the respondents claimed that they could not live without the mobile phone, the Saudis and the Thais ranking 1 in this category. The most indispensable gadgets are the laptops (9%), plasma TV (8%). 52% of the Canadians claim they could live without the latest technology.