PepsiCo Romania recorded an increase of 26.2% in sales volume in the first quarter of 2006 vs. same quarter 2004, and an average annual growth rate higher than 38 % over the last 6 years, according to a research conducted by the American company Canadean in Q1 of this year.

The report shows sales increase of 25.2% of PepsiCo products in cola segment, under Pepsi trademark, compared to first quarter of 2004 , Pepsi TM thus achieving an index of 1.02 vs. main competitor, and an historical leadership of the segment.

According to same Canadean report, on the first quarter of this year, PepsiCo continued its leadership on the no sugar cola segment, the combined offer of Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light and Pepsi Twist Light increasing distance vs. next competitor, to 1.36 index.

On lemon-lime area, 7-UP, the first soft drink with lemon-lime taste in the world (1929) has recorded in Romania a spectacular growth of 51.9% in the first quarter of 2005 vs. same period of 2004. Lipton Ice Tea is leading the Ice Tea segment in Q1 2006, with 1.07 index to its main competitor.

PepsiCo is present on the Romanian carbonated soft drinks market with the largest offer of Cola drinks, reunited under PEPSI-COLA trademark (Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Twist Lemon, Pepsi Twist Light Lemon, Pepsi X and Pepsi Capuccino), with 3 flavors in 7-Up line, and with Mirinda Orange and Everess Tonic completing the carbonated soft-drinks portfolio.

Under the umbrella of PepsiCo, on non-carbonated side, the world’s no.1 sport drink Gatorade was launched recently, while Lipton Ice Tea increased it’s flavors to 3 by adding Lipton Green.

Pepsi brand is present on Romanian market since 1966. The current franchise system started in 1991 with the launch of bottler Quadrant Amroq Beverages (QAB), which produces and distributes the soft-drinks under PepsiCo trademarks along with its own products, in Romania and Rep. Of Moldova.