Prices for natural gas, electricity, gasoline, alcohol and tobacco products are due to rise significantly starting July 1, 2006, in accordance with policies announced by the Romanian Government earlier this year. The gasoline price will rise by 500-600 ROL per liter, while a pack of cigarettes will be 20% more expensive.

Sunday, July 1 is also the first day when all the prices for products and services must be listed in RON (new lei) only, instead of the RON and ROL (old lei) listing scheme used over the past 12 months. RON is the new currency following the denomination process launched last year. 1 RON=10,000 ROL.

Alcohol exchises will also rise by 85 euro/ton, leading to 15% higher prices for alcoholic beverages.

And natural gas prices for household use will rise 1.54% in average, while those for industrial consumers will grow 1.65%.