The Romanian president Traian Basescu slashed on the PM and Defence ministry’s decision to ask the Supreme Defense Council to pull back the Romanian troops from Iraq. Basescu considers that Romania must fulfill its duties and international engagements to NATO, UNO, EU and to international coalitions.

The president also criticized the manner in which the two politicians decided to ask for the troops’ withdrawal, without previous consultations with the decision factors, a manner which brings serious damages to Romania’s credibility. Any decision on national security must be taken in the wake of consultations among internal institutions and with international bodies.

The Foreign Affairs minister Razvan Ungureanu disapproves with his party fellows’ initiative of requesting the withdrawal of Romanian troops from Iraq. He also reckons that such decision must be taken in collaboration with the other states and rise above any internal misunderstandings.

In a press release, Basescu expressed his hope that Romania’s external partners will continue to consider Romania as a credible, trustworthy, persistent and predictable country as far as foreign affairs matters are concerned.