The Liberal Party-supported proposal to withdraw Romanian troops from Iraq was based on Law 42/2004 related to the participation of armed forces beyond Romanian borders. The request will be submitted by Defense minister Teodor Atanasiu to the Supreme Defence Council.

Law 42/2004 says that “at the proposal of the National Defense Ministry, the Supreme Defense Council analyzes and decides by June 30 each year the forces and means that would be available in the coming year in the purpose of participation in missions abroad”.

The Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) may gather at the request of its head, President Traian basescu, quarterly or whenever necessary, or at the request of at least one third of its members.

Then, the proposal must be taken in consideration by CSAT. In order to be included on the CNSAS agenda, the proposal must be supported by the prime minister.

CSAT may make a decision if at least two thirds of its members are present at the debate. Decisions are made by consensus.

If CSAT adopts the decision to withdraw Romanian soldiers from Iraq, President Basescu will submit the document for Parliament approval.