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Romanian football mogul shoots trespassing swimmer

Luni, 26 iunie 2006, 0:00

A 29-year old man from the Dambovita county was shot and critically wounded on Sunday afternoon by the owner of a lake near the township of Vacaresti. The owner is Alexandru Radulescu, head of the Romanian Amateur and Non-amateur Football Association.

Radulescu’s son warned the man - who came for a swim accompanied by his family - to get out of the lake but was ignored. The scandal prompted Alexandru Radulescu to intervene and, without a warning, the football mogul shot the man with a hunting gun despite the victim was already in his car and ready to leave, according to eye witnesses quoted by the media on Monday.

The wounded was transported to a Bucharest hospital in a hurry. He was in a serious condition on Monday.

Alexandru Radulescu was grilled by Dambovita County Court prosecutors for seven hours but the investigation continues with him at large.

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