The Conservative Party - PC, a junior member of the government, will stay part of the governing coalition for six more months, the National Council of the political group decided on Sunday.

The council convened to discuss whether or not to withdraw from the government after recent revelations by the body studying the archives of the Communist secret police that PC leader Dan Voiculescu was strongly linked to ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s Securitate.

PC accompanied its decision to stay in the government with a series of conditions including the re-negotiation of the founding protocol of the governing coalition, that includes the Liberal and Democratic parties, PC and the Democratic Hungarians (UDMR).

A PC withdrawal from the government would seriously undermine the stability of the government in the parliament, where the governing majority is very thin.

The PC council warned that unless the governing coalition agrees applies the PC terms of renegotiating the coalition protocol it would withdraw from the government in six months.

And PC leader Dan Voiculescu said he would no longer hold his nomination for a seat as deputy prime minister, ceding the opportunity to the leader of the PC group in the House of Deputies, Bogdan Pascu.