Nine people were recorded dead and six missing in Romania on Thursday following torrential rain and floods that have hit the northern counties of Maramures and Bistrita-Nasaud for the last several days.

A latest toll published by Romanian authorities show 36 houses were destroyed and over 600 people displaced in the region.

The most affected area is the county of Bistrita-Nasaud, where six of the seven victims were reported. The seventh was reported in Maramures.

A total of 87 towns and villages were affected by floods, mudslides and rain, which led to the collapse of 36 houses and the severe damage of another 41. About 1500 houses in the area were also damaged in some degree.

Other affected areas are the counties of Galati and Salaj.

Authorities announced on Thursday that the search for the missing people was continuing in the morning after a short halt overnight.