The Authority for State Assets Recovery (AVAS) announced that it has blocked the accounts of over 5,500 companies that have financial debts towards the authorities, according to a press release by AVAS on issued on Thursday.

The debts amount to 20 - 50 million ROL each, and totalize 174 billion ROL. AVAS set a deadline for the payments until June 12.

The statistics show that the companies that owed small money amounts have paid their debts. On May 23, the debtors’ list comprised over 50,000 companies that owed approx. 1,000 billion ROL.

Only 500 companies paid pack, the money recovered amounting to 21 billion ROL.

The head of AVAS Razvan Orasanu warned all debtors to pay their debts or their financial operations will remain blocked. The counties with the most debtors are Timis, Costanta and Arad.