Torrents of high waters claimed the lives of four persons and devastated hundred of households in five Romanian counties on Tuesday evening, according to the National Radio.

Two died, four were missing following a massive water flow on Tuesday night on Tibles Valley in the northern county of Bistrita Nasaud that affected more than 10 townships. Other two people died and more than 50 townships in five couties were severely affected by the floods produced during the last days. Over 500 persons were evacuated, out of which 400 only from Bistrita Nasaud.

More than 180 houses were affected by the waters and over 2,600 ha of land were compromised.

The National Emergency Center warned nine counties of the risk of more flooding on the rivers Somesul superior, Crasna, Crisul Alb, Bega, Timis, Barzava, and Mures tributaries that might occur on Wednesday and Thursday.