Social democrat City Hall counselor Doru Giugula accused the public bid result for the Basarab passage in Bucharest as illegal. In a statement for, Giugula said that bribe was the main criteria based on which the Astaldi S.p.A - FCC Construction SA won the bid for the construction of the public work, despite the lack of a urban development plan.

Giugula said that until now over a million US dollar was spent on projects not valid anymore and that the beginning of the construction was stuck for the moment. Currently, the project costs three times more than the initial estimated price and entails the expropriation of almost 130 families.

The Italian-Spanish consortium won the public bid for the construction of the passage having the best financial offer. The passage, which costs almost 400 million RON, will link the Victoria Plaza with the Uranus Street and will be concluded in 28 months.