“None of the Romanian airports hosted facilities for possible detainees,” a report writes, based on over 3000 flights, documents and airborne missions analyzed by the Romanian Parliament’s Commission which studies the existence of CIA detention centers throughout the country.

This conclusion is based on the thorough research of a series of flights that transited, took off from, and landed in Romania, which excludes the presence on Romanian territory of any detainee center or the flight of terrorist detainees over Romania's air space.

The report elaborates on the two flights N313P from January 24, 2004 and N313P from September 22, 2003 mentioned by the Council of Europe’s official Dick Marty appointed to investigate the situation in the European countries.

The Romanian Liberal senator Norica Nicolai explained that the two airplanes landed only for technical reasons and that there was no doubt that the flights did not had passengers.Other conclusions of the report refer to some law measures aimed at strengthening the control of intelligence services.

The commission was established in December, 2005, following information in the international press regarding some CIA flights carrying terrorist detainees through the Romanian air space towards some special torture centers. The Commission’s report is to be debated upon in a public session.