The image of many Romanians that Germany is hostile towards Romania's accession to the EU is not supported by facts and is completely wrong as Germany’s criticism towards the candidate country is well founded, Romanian Integration minister Anca Boagiu says in an interview for

“Only enemies don’t criticize us – our friends have to be critical if they want the best for us”, she said, dismissing claims circulated in the Romanian media that the EU pillar-country would be against Romania’s accession in the EU.

Germany is one of the eight European countries that have yet to ratify the EU accession treaty of Romania and Bulgaria. Romanian President Traian Basescu had talks with German Popular politicians this week to press them in supporting the ratification as soon as possible, to allow Romania join the Union on January 1 next year.

Anca Boagiu said Germany has already sent a strong political signal by sending the draft law for the ratification of the accession Treaty in its parliament before the European Commission key report on Romania and Bulgaria in May this year.

She said she was informed by Bundestag officials that German legislators will have a first reading of the treaty in September to allow a final vote of ratification on October 26.