Romanian businessman-politician Dan Voiculescu, allegedly charged with collaborating with the former Communist secret police, the Securitate, announced on Friday that he has yet to learn officially the decision taken by a body studying the Securitate files in his regard and that he would sue the institution over leaked information.

Voiculescu, who leads the Conservative Party (PC), a junior member of the governing coalition, said his party would organize a reunion to debate a possible withdrawal from the government The move may lead to early elections.

The National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives - CNSAS discussed several files of ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s secret plice on Thursday to see whether Voiculescu participated to political police operations or was an informer for the Securitate.

CNSAS, however, refused to make the findings public in the next two weeks - which did not stop the media on Friday from quoting political sources alleging CNSAS found proof Voiculescu was a Securitate informer and collaborator.

The PC leader said that the Council did not inform him about the findings yet. He was expected to announce the CNSAS verdict himself today.

Recently nominated for a seat as deputy prime minister, Voiculescu warned earlier this week that if charged with Securitate collaboration his party would withdraw from the government.