Emil Boc, the leader of the Democratic Party – PD, a member of the governing coalition, announced on Monday that his group decided to withdraw deputy PM Gheorghe Pogea from the government and would not nominate a replacement for him. Boc also announced PD would replace Transport minister Gheorghe Dobre with another party member, Radu Berceanu.

According to the PD leader, both President Traian Basescu and prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu were informed about the decision. And he said both Pogea and Dobre would remain influential within the party as "PD cares for people who worked for the party".

Talk about a possible reshuffle of the Romanian government has been flourishing for weeks without the two main governing parties - PD and the Liberals (PNL) - proving capable of a quick resolution on how the changes should occur.

Democratic leader Adriean Videanu, mayor of Bucharest and spokesman for the D.A. Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, said after talks today that PD wanted the continuation of the government restructuring process. He said the Liberals welcomed the Democratic decisions today and that PM Tariceanu would submit a proposal for the naming of Radu Berceanu in office to President Basescu tomorrow.

But he wouldn’t say whether a similar proposal regarding Conservative leader Dan Voiculescu, nominated for a seat as deputy PM last week, would also be tabled tomorrow.