A Council of Europe report quoted by the British newspaper The Guardian on Wednesday says solid evidence exists that Romania and Poland allowed the US Central Intelligence Agency establish secret prisons on their territories.

According to the newspaper’s version of the report, due to be presented in Paris today, other European states have contributed to the capturing of terrorism suspects or turned a blind eye on such CIA activities on their territories.

The report defies official statements from national authorities that their countries had nothing to do with CIA secret prisons affair.

The proof included in the report come from special flight registers while those on Romania’s involvement are proven by a “rendition circuit” involving a CIA Boeing 737 flight.

The report follows investigations by Swiss Senator Dick Marty, who runs an Council of Europe inquiry into the matter.

And the document mentions other European states – Spain, Tukey, Germany and Cyprus, offering logistical support to the CIA; Italy, Sweden, Bosnia and Macedonia, allowing the retention of citizens on their territories; Britain, Ireland, Portugal and Greece, charged with accepting the use of their airports by CIA flights.