Romania has delicious farming products as the West no longer remembers but international groups come to the country to destroy its agriculture as they did in the west, according to one of the characters of “We feed the world”, the most successful documentary in Germany and Austria over the past decade.

“We fucked up the West and now we’re coming to Romania, we will fuck up all the agriculture there”, says Karl O., a former Pioneer manager in Romania, in the documentary

Austrian director Erwin Wagenhofer filmed the documentary in March 2004-April 2005 in as many locations as Austria, Spain, France, Brazil and Romania. Its characters – French fishermen, immigrants from Spain, Austrian, Brazilian and Romanian peasants and corporate managers from Switzerland and Romania criticize the anomalies of the global food production system in the documentary.

Wagenhofer admits it was difficult to find people willing to speak what they thought before the camera, including Karl O., an Austrian who in 2004 represented Pioneer to Romania.

Pioneer is well known as a genetically modified organism and hybrid producers in Romania and has been condemned by Greenpeace for introducing the technology to the country.

Following his statements in the documentary, Karl O. had trouble with Pioneer, but has now retired and lives in Romania.

In the picture, he says Romania might sell its tasty products all across Europe, but that he thinks major corporations will change everything and destroy what nature has built while food standards will continue to fall across the world.

Negotiations are under way to distribute the documentary in Romania.