The Romanian capital turns into a gigantic construction site as mending and upgrade works start on 113 boulevards and will partially close a key road bridge in the northern part of the city on June 5.

The works will take place in all corners of the city, last throughout the summer and add to several dozen existing, secondary works, the Bucharest City Hall has announced.

Starting Monday, the Grant Bridge will be partially closed, while starting August 1 the other part will follow suit. The works there will last all summer, forcing people in the northern part of Bucharest to take a long route around in order to reach the Western quarters of the city.

And works are also due to start at the controversial Basarab Tunnel, a project that has sparked protests from rezidents but which is due to be opened officially in 2009.

“It will be a difficult period for everybody – drivers, workers, the police... I admit there will be a hard summer for the Bucharest traffic”, mayor Adrian Videanu said today.