Miron Cozma, the former leader of Romanian miners who participated in the so-called “miners’ crusades” to Bucharest in the nineties remains under arrest as a penitenciary commission rejected his parole request.

The request comes as Cozma has 13 more months to spend in jail for his role in the violent miners’ movements in the nineties.

The movements, locally known as “the miners’ crusade”, have lead to a bloodshed among opposition protesters in Bucharest in 1990, the fall of a government one year later and another wave of violence between miners and the security forces in the town of Costesti, several years later.

Cozma already spent more than seven years jail. He must stay behind at least 12 of the remaining 13 months as the penitenciary commission that analyzed his request found little proof of his “re-education”.