The number of bird flu hotbeds in Romania, most of them “solved”, stood at around 123 on Friday, according to the latest official data.

Government spokeswoman Oana Marinescu said today that over a third of the economic agents checked for possible irregularities related to the latest H5N1 wave across the country received sanctions, while the number of people investigated in the original hotbed – the Codlea farm in Brasov county, rose to 28.

According to Agriculture Ministry spokesman Adrian Tibu, the farms that were closed due to veterinary or other irregularities would be allowed to restart their activities once they paid the fines and solve all defficiencies.

The Bird Flu Command established by the Romanian Government decided to organize a census of all poultry farms in the country to verify whether clandestine farms or farms that do not comply with the veterinary requirements still exist.

Tibu said the total number of poultry culled in the latest bird flu wave rose to 977,000, spread in about 14,000 households and the Codlea poultry farms.