Romanian deputy Prime Minister George Copos announced in a press statement today that he would resign from the Tariceanu government. He confirmed officially his previous statements this morning, when he said in a radio intervention that he made the decision because he disagreed with some of the provisions of the new Fiscal Code draft the Government approved on Wednesday.

George Copos is displeased that the draft legislation was sent to Parliament without enough proposals from the Conservative Party, a junior member of the Government that he is a member of. He did not sign on Wednesday the draft Fiscal Code as the Conservatives disagree with some of its provisions.

The Conservative Party has pushed for the reduction of VAT for basic food products, for a tax exemption over reinvested profit and against the taxation of micro-enterprises with a 16% profit tax starting January 1, 2007.

Copos' gesture comes as Conservative Party leader Dan Voiculescu had announced that unless the Government drops its plans to change its current structure his party was ready to drop their claim for the deputy PM position.

Asked by journalists whether his resignation has anything to do with the Romanian Lottery case, in which he is accused of shady deals with state-controlled institution, Copos refused to answer. An answer came, however, from his party boss Dan Voiculescu, who dismissed the speculations in this regard.