The draft law regarding the privatization of the national lottery and printing house was rejected with 7 votes against, 6 in favor and one abstention, on grounds of lack of representation. “We rejected the law as nobody from the Finance or Justice Ministries came to present and support it,” the chairman of the Economic Commission Mihai Tudose (PSD) stated for

Tudose also said that the draft law presents confusing aspects, and no one from the two ministries came to clarify it the Commission. The Commission’s disagreement lies also with the shares to be given to Proprietatea Fund.

The draft law is to be sent now to the Permanent Board of the House of Deputies, and after that to the joint houses of the Parliament, and most probably, it will return for the third time to the Economic Commission.

The government led by Calin Popescu Tariceanu aims at partially privatizing the two national companies by offering 32% of the shares. A previous version suggested 20% of the shares to be granted to Proprietatea Fund, 5% to be listed on the stock market and 7% to be sold to own employees.

The Senate rejected the initial version as only 25% of the shares can be estranged, hence the rest of 7% not to be sold to the employees anymore. This second version was again altered by the Justice Ministry and sent again to the Economic Commission of the House of Deputies.