The Parliament Commission controlling the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has heard the SRI head Radu Timofte on the report regarding the bird flu that stirred controversy two days ago, Ion Stan, the commission’s chairman, confirmed for Hotnews.

The debate on the report concerned the authors, the way local information reached the central SRI headquarters, the persons who ordered it and its publishing. The discussion also concerned the companies that exported birds from Romania lately.

"I have the feeling that the SRI report is not saying it all," said Radu Stroe, chairman of the commission. Stroe also explained that there were no elements that blamed Slovakia and Hungary for the outbreak of the bird flue. The hearings on Thursday are to be presented within a report in 10 days.

Two days ago, the SRI made public a note that revealed the origins of the avian flue outbreak in the county of Brasov as coming from poultry imports, in particular from Hungary and Slovakia. The report stirred controversy from both the external and internal political environments. The head of the SRI Brasov was dismissed on grounds of management dysfunctions.