EurotaxGlass’s International is to expand operations in Romania starting July this year by creating a local branch EurotaxGlass’s Romania. The company provides objective data on cars evaluation and reparation costs.

A products catalogue “New prices 2005” was available on the Romanian car market presenting land vehicles sold in Romania and Germany. The EurotaxGlass’s products have been brought to Romania under license by S.C. Media Mark-Print & Services in 2005.

The 2007 catalogue is to be published in two editions in Romania and cars will be available on line.

The Romanian branch will adapt to the local branches the products aimed at calculating the reparation costs such as EurotaxRepairEstimate, Kalkulation and Lakierung. The company’s services address the insurance companies, car distributors, banks and leasing companies.

EurotaxGlass’s International was established in 2000 following the merge of British Glass’s Information Services with German Eurotax AG din Germania.

The Romanian cars market is characterized by a positive trend, with 15 million new cars and 30 million used cars in 2005. The company’s products employ a database containing over 360,000 types of cars, adapted to International Data Definition standard that allows the national data integration within an international data base.