The Romanian retail market will develop one step further starting September 2007 with the opening of the first retail power center in the country. The Kaufland Power Center will be built in the District 3 of the Romanian capital Bucharest, according to a press release.

Representatives of the real estate company Eurisko told the value of the project, supported by the Romanian-German company Terra Invest, would rise to 10 million euro.

The Kaufland power center will cover 3,5 hectares in an area that once hosted the Gerovital cosmetics factory.

The Kaufland discount sales center will be at the center of the complex that would sum up to 14,000 square meters. The Kaufland store alone will take some 6,000 square meters.

Kaufland holds five stores in Romania – in Bucharest, Ramnicu Valcea, Ploiesti, Alba Iulia and Timisoara.