The governing coalition reached a consensus regarding the reshuffling of the Government by reducing the number of ministries and agencies in order to increase the efficiency of the Romanian Executive body. The consensus however concerns only the intention of this reshuffle, as the coalition parties are not ready to give up ministry posts.

The plan is to reduce the number of ministries from the currently 23 to 15-17. This initiative was brought on the table before the EC report when the PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu did not exclude an unannounced Government restructuring.

Following the reunion of the Management Board of the Liberal Party on Monday evening, Tariceanu announced that a reorganization of the government would take place in the near future. Romanian PM presented the first change within the Government, the Liberal senator Radu Stroe is to replace Mihai Voicu as secretary general of the Government.

Voicu has taken over the relation with the Parliament portfolio, from the current chairman of the House of Deputies Bogdan Olteanu.

Most of the Democrat leaders consider the reshuffle a necessity. The Liberals however fear they might lose some ministries.

The Hungarian Democrats, part of the governing coalition, consider that this reshuffle must be done profoundly and should aim the ministries that are essential for the European integration. The fourth partner of the coalition, the Conservatives also agree with the government’s reshuffling if this boosts efficiency.