A new bird flu hotbed was confirmed in Bucharest on Monday evening, the Romanian capital mayor Adriean Videanu said. The residents in the area in District 4 were preparing to leave their homes and spend the following days over relatives and friends instead of being isolated. The authorities are to declare first degree quarantine.

The area comprises over 40 streests, 20 blocks and tens of households, and around 13,000 residents. Some 2400 birds will be culled. This is the second bird flu hotbed confirmed in the Romanian capital after a District 2 area was quarantined on Sunday evening.

While the local authorities were confirming the virus, the Agriculture minister talking in a TV show was invited by the anchor man Robert Turcescu (Realitatea TV) to eat a piece of chicken from a rotisserie in Bucharest. Gheorghe Flutur accepted the invitation and ate the chicken saying that the avian flu is not spreading via well cooked meat.