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In 2005 alone

Romanians talked on phone as for 88 years

Luni, 22 mai 2006, 0:00

Romanians talked on the phone for over 17 billion minutes in 2005, which is approximately the span of 88 years, a report by the National Authority for Regulating Communication showed. The bulk of conversations unfolded on the mobile phone, 42% in the Romtelecom cord telephone network and 4.9 via other providers.

By the end of 2005, more than 4.3 million customers had telephone subscriptions, and approx. 10 percent of the market share belonged to other telephone services providers.
The voice traffic slightly dropped in 2005 from 8.8 mln minutes to 8.2 mln minutes, however, the traffic by the alternative providers grew 237%.
The mobile phone networks recorded a remarkable hike. In 2005, a mobile average conversation lasted for 1.45 min., compared to 1.37 in the previous year. The voice traffic in the mobile phone company was of 9.3 mld min, up 44% than in 2004. Approx. 13.3 mln customers employ the services of mobile phone companies.
Most of the customers of mobile telephony use pre-paid cards (64%), while 76% of the traffic unfolds in the same network.
The roaming traffic within the cord telephony went up 46.7% in 2004-2005. The sms traffic also rose with 77 % to 1.6 bln messages, whereas the MMS rose five times up to 17 million.
The internet services boast the most substantial hike with more than 980 providers, out of which 600bradcast in broad band. By the end of 2005, the internet connections reached 1.8 mln. The broad band connection grew 96% in the last year alone.

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