Romanian singer Mihai Traistariu took the fourth place in the Eurovision music contest with his high-octane song Tornero on Saturday. Seen as a favorite before the start of the event, he brought home the best ever points received by Romania in the European competition won by Finnish heavy metal band Lordi.

“I’m pleased with the result! I believe in Tornero and now I’m more certain than ever that it will be successful anywhere in Europe”, Traistariu said following his participation in the contest.

He said he already established gigs in Greece and Sweden this summer and pointed that he managed to receive points from countries that have never voted for Romania’s representatives in the Eurovision competition.

Mihai Traistariu and five dancers of the Big Bounce group put on a show signed by CRBL, the choreographer of a Romanian street-dance, break-dance band.

With the 172 points he received, Romania is in the next year’s Eurovision finals automatically.

Devilish heavy metal band Lordi, the revelation-shock of the Saturday event, as well as Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina placed better than Romania’s Traistariu, all with more than 200 points. The top ten also includes Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia, Greece and Ireland.