Lab tests confirmed on Saturday the presence of the bird flu virus in two areas of the Bucharest Districts 2 and 4. Authorities have ordered a first degree quarantine in the affected areas and the points of entry or exit there are blocked.

The tests turned positive for chicken on Falticeni Street, District 2 and Odei Street, District 4, where all poultry will be culled. There are some 6,000 poultry in some 415 households in D2 and 268 households in D4.

The news came as authorities confirmed on Saturday the existence of 22 bird flu hotbeds in towns and villages in the counties. There are 31 other suspicious cases, especially in the area of Brasov.

In Bucharest, mayor Adriean Videanu told the Realitatea TV news channel that a school was closed temporarily in D2, while people have been urged to keep their poultry within household grounds and respect measures to prevent the expansion of the hotbeds.

The Bucharest cases were first identified on Friday as two birds were found dead in the respective areas. Four other dead birds were found in D4 on Friday night.

A total of 50,000 poultry live in Bucharest households.