Romanian President Traian Basescu is spending his time in hospital meeting with state and intelligence officials over the ongoing bird flu crisis in the country.

He’s been meeting the Agriculture and Interior ministers as well as the head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) at the Elias Hospital in Bucharest, where he undergoes a post-op recovery program following a surgical intervention for hernia last week.

Basescu has urged Sri to get involved in the identification of those responsible for the spread of the bird flu from a Brasov farm which kept it secret that its poultry were affected by the H5 virus.

The first to meet the president was Agriculture minister Gheorghe Flutur, who visited Basescu earlier today to inform him about the latest news on this issue.

According to SRI head Radu Timofte, his institution has not tackled the bird flu issue as a matter of national security so far but it changed its view on the issue at the president’s request.