The oil refinery Rafo Onesti remains in financial difficulty following last year loss of 153.7 mln RON that amplified the company’s public debt. The loss recorded in 2005 was down 60 percent compared to the previous year when it grew to 372 mln RON, but the situation remains grim for the refinery.

The 2005 turnover was 1.805 bln RON. Incomes topped 1,805 mln RON, up 50 percent than in 2004, but expenses reached 1,959 mln RON. The operational profit in 2005 reached 18.5 mln RON in 2005, compared to 6.5 mln RON in 2004. In the first 2006 quarter, the company recorded an operational profit of 10.6 mln RON.

In 2005, the company started to refine crude oil, and it processed 1.89 mln tones, 40,000 tones more than in 2004.

The investments reached 17.2 mln dollars last year, and 3.4 mln dollars was aimed at modernising the distribution network. For the current year, 55.5 mln dollars is to be invested in long term projects. For 2006, the turnover is expected to grow 57 percent, reaching 1 bln dollars.