The number of areas affected by the avian virus is growing in the county of Brasov. The tests confirmed the virus in other two townships, Sanpetru and Rotbav. The manager of Drakom farm Vasile Dradala was detained for 24 hours on Wednesday for illegal sale of sick poultry.

The employees of the farm Drakom ran off as they were working illegally there, but the Police and the gendarmes are trying to trace them. The birds continue to be exterminated at the farm but also in the townships of Feldioara and Soars.

The crisis task force of the Brasov county confirmed the bird virus in the towns of: Fagaras, Hurez, Codlea, Feldioara, Ucea, Soars, Beclean, Patiprod, Jivert, Vistea de Jos, Venetia de Jos, Barcut, Racos, Dumbravita, Vulcan, Bod and Stupini.

The Government discharged the president and the vice-president of the National Veterinary Authority for bad management and poor implementation of the bio-security of the bird farms. The manager of the Veterinary Directorate of Brasov county resigned.

The high capacity traffic was banned on the national artery DN1 and set other routes for the road segment Brasov – Sibiu.

In the county of Vrancea, a second bird flu area was confirmed in the township of Ruginesti, following the quarantine of Bolotesti.