The Council of Europe will grant 3.3 mln Euros for the project "Initiative for the children of the street," following the endorsement by the Government on May 10 of the Romania’s Loan Accord of the funds from the Development Bank of CoE. The project will create 20 shelters for homeless children and will train 150 social assistants in preventing and eradicating drugs dependence.

The total cost of the project amounts to 4.782 mln Euros, the rest of the money will be provided by the Romanian Government (0.477 mln), the local authorities (0.885million) and donations (0.12 mln).

The Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Family will transfer the money to the National Authority for Child Protection. The reimbursement has to be done within 15 years.

The protection of homeless children is one of the Government’s priorities in the preparation process for the EU accession. This project will unfold during the next three years.