More than 60 percent of the Romanians do not find very important to understand the activities of former political communist Militia, aka Securitate, before 1989, according to a survey released on Wednesday by Social Research Bureau. Only 50 percent of the interviewees request an immediate entering into force of the lustration law.

While 64 percent of the Romanians say they do not need to understand or are completely indifferent to the activities of the Securitate, 64 percent believe it had a negative effect on the society.

72 percent consider that the Securitate did not carry out political militia activities but it only subordinated to the Communist Party, and guilty for the communism horrors are the top management party politicians.

More than half of the subjects consider that the communist archive be made public on the internet and be accessible to everybody.

Lustartion law will yield positive effects for population, according to 43 percent of the interviewed subjects. However, 47 percent believe it will have no effect whatsoever for them or for the population.

Romanians dismiss the president Traian’s Basescu alleged plan to attract the secret services on his side in order to install his personal dictatorship, as the media has hinted lately. 30 percent consider the information false, 21 percent totally false, 23 percent highly true and 9 percent totally true.

If next Sunday there will be new elections, Romanians will vote for the Liberal-Democratic Alliance (49.2%), Social Democrats (19.6%), Greater Romania Party (12 %), New Generation Party (7.1%) and the Democratic Hungarians Union (5.9%).