Mehdi Awdi, Hassan Awdi’s brother and vice-president of Rodipet, stated for that the survey by Saptamana Financiara had no solid base, as the main reason of the accusations lied with the purchase of the building that hosted the hotel and restaurant "Casa Bucur" in Bucharest.

"We bought the building a few years ago from the Romanian State, but at the moment the house is claimed by Marina Lucia Mott. The trial is under way," said Mehdi Awdi, who elaborated on the fact that there was a connection between the claimant of the house and the author of the article in the magazine Saptamana Financiara.

"We are American and Romanian citizens and we obey laws of the states in which we activate. The attacks against my brother Mohamad Ali Awdi are groundless, the information provided by the article is taken form his internet website", added Mehdi Awdi, referring to his brother that declared himself a Hezbollah supporter.

The Rodipet vice-president mentioned that the reason for the refusal to distribute the SFIN magazine is based on the little number of employees working today.

"There was the case of others publications that were not distributed on the same grounds. Some time ago, the Greater Romania newspaper of politician Vadim Tudor, published accusations against our family, and despite all these, we still distributed it," said Mehdi Awdi.