A large number of Romanian tourists, who usually go to the Romanian seaside for the traditional May 1 holiday, opted this year to spend their days off in the Bulgarian seaside resorts, according to TV reports.

The main reasons are the lower prices there and the considerable better services. Most Romanian tourists chose the resort of Albena, one of the nicest on the Black Sea Cost, where all-inclusive offers start at 20-25 euro/night.

According to the Realitatea TV station, eight from a total of 40 hotels were opened in Albena for the May 1 holiday, which usually coincides with the early opening of the summer season in this area. One of the hotels were reserved especially for Romanian tourists.

In Bucharest, traffic jams are expected to bring the capital to a halt in the second part of Monday as for most Romanian businesses and public institutions the holiday ends today and people will return from their holidays at the seaside, in the mountains or abroad.