Danube dykes in Romania have been continuing to collapse under flooding waters as Romanian authorities say the river flow will remain high for as long as 35 days from now on. The latest protection dyke broke down in the town of Ostrov, Tulcea county on Wednesday night, prompting the evacuation of over 500 local people.

Another dam collapsed in Dabuleni, at the border of Dolj and Olt counties in southern Romania. In Olt, Danube floods have affected thousands of hectares of land, but they’re yet to reach inhabited areas.

The county of Dolj is still the most affected region, as over 10,000 people have been evacuated there so far. Most evacuees come from the villages and towns of of Rast, Bechet, Bistret, Negoi, Macesu de Jos and Carna.

The Danube flow was still receding at the point of entry on Romanian territory on Thursday morning, but with 14,300 cubic meters per second it remains much above the multiannual average for the month of April.