The Danube flow was down to 14,300 cubic meters per second at entry on Romanian territory Wednesday morning and water receded considerably at the Portile de Fier I and II dams, where it reached 14,500 and 14,350 cubic meters per second in the last 24 hours, according to the latest official data.

But the situation remains critical downstream from the Portile de Fier dams, with the most serious situation still in the county of Dolj.

Troops have intervined in the area of Bechet, Dolj county, to help the elderly who form the majority of the local population leave their homes as flooding water exceeded a sandbag barrier to protect the town.

And another such barrier collapsed in the area of the Ceatalchioi village in the Tulcea county on Tuesday night. Authorities there are evacuating some 25 families after their homes were flooded.

The situation is still grim in Oltina, Constanta county, where another 21 homes and 40 households were flooded Wednesday morning. Some 170 people were evacuated there.

And in Spantov, Calarasi county, 200 households are still flooded and most of the population remains displaced despite receding waters.