Romania might become energetically independent if Romanian Government will build and turn on the reactors 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, said Vilmos Zsombori, chairman of National Commission for Nuclear Control (CNCAN), at the conference "National Policy of nuclear security."

The Cernavoda nuclear power plant was designed to operate five reactors of 700 Mega-Watts each, but only one is functional covering 10 percent of Romania’s energetic needs. The second reactor is to start functioning in the beginning of 2007, hiking the energetic production to 18 percent.

In mid April, the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) announced plans to build simultaneously the reactors 3 and 4 for the Cernavoda nuclear power plant. The project is valued at 2.2 billion Euros and will be carried out in 76 months by a mixed company, according to a MEC press release.

The decision was based on a study that took into consideration the investments and the economical effectiveness. The annual management cost for the two reactors amounts to 100 million Euros while the electrical power cost ranges from 30€/MWh – 35 €/MWh. The National Nuclear Power Company (SNN) will manage the two reactors as well, along with the first two 1 and 2.

MEC will launch actions to start luring investors

Another topic on the conference agenda was finding solutions for the storing of burned gas, given the only warehouse existent that has a 4.4 mln liters capacity.