The number of evacuated people along the Romanian banks of Danube exceeded 9500 in 12 counties according to the latest toll Romanian authorities presented on Tuesday. Most evacuees are from the county of Dolj, where over 8,000 people were evacuated in the last ten days, 3,500 of which last night.

Cracks that Danube waters produced in dams in the southern Dolj county determined Romanian authorities to evacuate several villages in the last 24 hours, including Bistretul Vechi, Plosca, Macesu de Jos, Sapata, Carna and Sarata.

And Danube waters are flooding houses in Spantov, in the Calarasi county.

While the Danube flow is slowing down authorities remain alert as dams in affected areas have not been built to resist such a high level of river waters for such a long time. And for people in the area international help started to arrive to improve living conditions in the 148 affected townships, where over 848 homes were damaged or destroyed.

River waters also flooded 41 institutional headquarters, up to 500 kilometers of roads and 22 bridges, according to the latest official toll.