Romanian president Traian Basescu initiated the set up of a commission to evaluate and condemn the 50-year-communist dictatorship based on a coherent and thorough document to be worked upon by well known Romanian intellectuals. The main coordinator is Vladimir Tismaneanu, historian and political science professor at the Maryland University (USA), also known by his communism analyses.

President Basescu assured the Commission members of all the support needed and unconditional access to documents necessary for the final report, which is to be declared "official document of the Romanian state" that will denounce the communism regime.

The Commission will evaluate the main institutions that allowed the communist dictatorship to perpetuate, to employ abuses, crimes, and human rights violation, but will also take into account the politicians’ role in maintaining the communist system flourish in Romania.

The report will elaborate on the significance of the resistance movement and of the dissidents in a communist regime. A synthesis to be concluded and presented to the Romanian president in October will examine the connection between the communist ideology and the practices in Romania.

The report will be 100 pages long and will be accessible to any kind of public.