The danger of expanding Danube floods remains high in the southern Romanian county of Dolj, where a breach in a local dam might lead to the flooding of a huge area. Six thousand people were evacuated from the area by Wednesday morning and another ten thousand risk are in danger and risk forced evacuation as they are trying to protect their belongings.

Authorities say 400 million cubic meters of water may burst into populated areas if the dam at Bistret, Dolj county collapses. And villagers from Bistret, Dunareni, macesul de Jos and Gighera have been warned to prepare to leave their homes in case the situation worsens.

Dozens of houses collapsed in other villages on Tuesday night and now the Danube effectively connects the townships of Negoi and Rast, as it has covered the road linking the two completely. In the county of Dolj, the river advanced 10 kilometers on land so far.

And authorities say that the river level was still rising in the counties of Braila, Galati and Tulcea.

Traffic along the Romanian banks of Danube has been seriously perturbed. While railroads are still open for traffic, 3 roads have been closed – a national road between Calafat and Turnu Severin, a national road between Catane and Rast and a national road between Smardan and Macin.

The latest official flood toll announced by the National Committee for Emergency Situations on Wednesday says 12 counties have been affected by floods and 6653 people have been displaced, mostly from villages in the county of Dolj.