There are still problems to be tackled in the view of EU accession, despite consistent progress achieved by Romanian authorities. Romania needs political stability, to continue with the reforms of justice, public administration, and human rights, says a report carried out by three independent Romanian NGOs.

The political environment is still subject to tensions and conflicts, be it within the governing coalition, between the President and the PM, or within the main opposition party, and is characterized by political migration from one party to another, according to Renate Weber, chairman of the Open Society Foundation, and former presidency counselor.

As far as the juridical reform is concerned, the report mentions the problems that are hindering the fight against corruption such as the failure to take and conclude criminal investigation to the court, or the lack of an institution to control the wealth declarations of the politicians.

Romania still faces some problems regarding the civil servant status and the reform of local public administration, says independent analyst Valerian Stan.

The report was jointly carried out by the Open Society Foundation, the Juridical Resources Centre and the Resources for Rroma Communities Centre .